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Increase Student Engagement with STEM

MARSfarm provides project-based learning kits/products to increase student engagement with STEM. Our goal is to facilitate teachers in inspiring their students to become future problem solvers. These kits focus on relating agriculture to real life problems, such as growing more food with fewer resources.

The MARSfarm Kit
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MARSfarm is currently looking for eager educators to become early adopters of our very own kit!

The MARSfarm kit allows you to control environmental factors and use the scientific method to observe plant growth. This kit comes with Mars-themed curriculum and a years worth of consumables.

Start exploring, learning and growing in your classroom today!

EXPLORE: Use Mars as a vehicle to drive student engagement.

LEARN: Use the scientific method to every aspect of plant growth.

GROW: Grow plants inside a classroom setting year round, using a controlled environment.

Ask us About Curriculum

Aligned with NGSS standards, our STEM curriculum is developed by experienced curriculum writers, and advised by robotics teachers and curriculum development specialists. Designed to drive student engagement, this curriculum will have your students eager to learn!


Hear how these three students benefited from working with food computers. Each of them are going on to pursue great things in college programs associated with STEM subjects.

Our Team

MARSfarm is comprised of talented individuals that are passionate about education and furthering student’s understanding of STEM. Visit our about page to meet the team!

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Our kit will provide everything you need to quickly get your students learning. It includes lights, a camera, sensors for data charting, and some growth action!


Our software is internally “hackable” to allow for tangible coding lessons. Though designed to work best with our hardware, it’s also 100% open source to allow for creative expansion. 


Our curriculum is built with Project Based Learning and Gamification principles. It’s also an open-source product; built by teachers, for teachers. You just landed on Mars, how do you grow?!


The data you generate can be used to help humans survive on Mars, and beyond! It will also allow us to provide you with the best experiments and recipes for a variety of plants.

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