Welcome to the FARM

MARSfarm provides project-based learning kits/products to increase student engagement with STEM. Our goal is to facilitate teachers to inspire their students to become future farmers and space explorers.


Looking for a way to bring agriculture into the classroom? Want to increase student engagement with STEM? Look no further, we are your one stop shop for all things project-based learning. Our products and KITS allow everyone, from teachers to curious individuals, to explore the world of STEM, with an emphasis in agriculture and the future of food.


MARSfarm is currently looking for eager educators to become early adopters of our very own food computer

Are you an educator interested in expanding the minds of your students? If so, this is the perfect opportunity for you. We offer project-based learning kits that allow you to bring agriculture into the classroom! These kits are controlled environments meaning you can use the scientific method to observe plant growth and figure out what works best. If you are interested in a very engaging class project, pre-oder your own MARSfarm Kit today. Only a few spots are left for pre-order.


Hear how these three students benefited from working with food computers. Each of them are going on to pursue great things in college.


Our kit will provide everything you need to quickly get your students learning. It includes lights, a camera, and some growth action!


Our software is internally “hackable” to allow for tangible coding lessons. Though designed to work best with our hardware, it’s also 100% open source to allow for creative expansion. 


Our curriculum is built with Project Based Learning and Gamification principles. It’s also an open-source product; built by teachers, for teachers!


The data you generate will be used to help humans survive on Mars, and beyond! It will also allow us to provide you with the best experiments and recipes.

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