About MARSfarm

MARSfarm works to inspire students’ interest in space travel and future farming with Mars-centric STEM education and computer-controlled plant chambers. With a long-term vision of identifying the most suitable crops for research in deep space, our kits will enable hands-on learning about everything from plant physiology to computer science while educating and inspiring the next generation of farmers.

Peter Webb


Peter loves to be outside. His mother home-schooled him and encouraged him to take on unrealistic projects that caught his curiosity. About three years ago he began to bring the outdoors inside by designing growth chambers in his apartment bedroom. Quickly a project turned into an obsession, and as his plants grew so too did his love for learning. With a background in databases and a father who is a retired plant science R&D data architect he saw the potential of how automation could revolutionize the way his generation viewed agriculture. While entrepreneur in residence at TechShop St. Louis and as community liaison of the Open Agriculture Foundation he developed a network of passionate engineers, urban farmers, plant scientists, software developers, teachers, and students who now form the MARSfarm community. Peter is a passionate believer that the best way to teach about the beauty of life is to create an environment that is the ideal place to grow and learn.

Drew Thomas


The majority of Drew’s life in the last few years have centered on bringing the practical art of doing to his whimsical pastime of dreaming about the future. This is mostly a way to justify spending all of his disposable income on tools. Professionally, he comes from a background of technical design and manufacturing. Since attending engineering school, he has spent several years programming and running CNC machines in the aerospace industry, as well as consulting for startup product manufacturers. Besides his professional experience with metals, his hobbies mix in woodworking, composites, plastics, and sometimes circuits. His motivation for co-founding MARSfarm comes from his longtime obsession with space colonization. Mix this with his interest in manufacturing imparted by his father, and his love of horticulture inspired by his mother, and it is easy to see that his role in this mission has been building for a lifetime. In his free time, his latest project has been diving into making everything a smart home device. “Alexa, please write me a bio”.


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