Plant Recipe Data

Contribute to and benefit from Citizen Science

Why Collect Data?

Humanity has many challenges in the coming decades. Global population is estimated to reach 10 Billion by the year 2050. We need to learn how to grow more food, with less land. Humans will also be exploring Mars by that time, and the menu on a planet with no biosphere will look much different than what we are used to. Collecting data on plants growing in a controlled environment will help us solve these problems.

What Data Do We Collect?

Temperature / Humidity

Temperature and humidity is collected regularly throughout the day. Temperature data is useful to compare a daily average to different seasons and growing zones. Humidity data is useful to measure plant respiration based on different photo periods.


Images are captured at regular hour intervals when the LEDs are turned on. This helps track plant size and health. Computer vision can be used to diagnose problems with the plant when experimenting with different nutrient mixtures.


Yield data includes measurements such as leaf area, plant height, dry mass, and even nutrient content. These are the measurements that allow conclusions to be drawn from experiments, and help us grow more nutritious food, faster. 

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