The MARSfarm Kit


The MARSfarm Kit


Pre-Order Now! Available to ship in early August

Start exploring, learning, and growing today! The MARSfarm Kit makes it easy to deploy STEM project-based learning in your classroom. The kit comes ready to assemble, with pre-installed software.

Benefits and Features of the kit include:

1) Curriculum is aligned with NGSS standards

2) Grow plants inside a classroom setting year-round

3) Components include temperature/humidity sensors for data logging, a camera to document growth, Red/Blue LED lighting for optimal efficiency, a Raspberry Pi computer to input climate recipes, and a programmable thermometer

4) Lessons encourage students to use the scientific method to observe every part of plant growth, and the delicate balance of environment the plant requires

5) Topics related to Mars settlement are used as a vehicle to drive student engagement

Order now to reserve your kit. Limited kits are available for pre-order!

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 100 × 66 × 30 cm


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